Air Conditioning

High performance and efficient air conditioned products, enable you to run a highly functional and cost-effective business.

Replacing low performance, faulty or expensive to run units, or simply installing new units to ensure your IT equipment and staff are happy we will advise on an air conditioning product to suit your environment.

What we have to offer

• 7 years enhanced warranty on Toshiba products

• A 24/7 service to repair all equipment in the event of a breakdown.

We are a preferred Toshiba supplier allowing us to give our customers their highest 7 year enhanced warranty

Air Conditioning Service Contract

To ensure that you get the most from your product, Keep It Cool offer service contracts, specifically designed to meet your needs! This will include, 1-2 free services within a 12 month period. Any issues found with the equipment will be dealt with by our engineers, and you will only be charged for the parts required. Keep it Cool contracts can be combined to make sure that you have peace of mind.


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