Air Conditioning Refurb

Refurbishing an Air Conditioning Unit in a "live" and busy office with minimal disruption and absolute minimal environmental impact

What we were asked to do

We were tasked to work by our client to come up with a solution for their very busy office of around 250 people during their office refurbishment and expansion.


The logistics of half of the project remaining a live office whilst planning the move to the new section, and then refurbishing that section was quite challenging at times. With different floor heights, types of space and rooms we used three different options to fulfil their operational requirements. This being ducted, floor mounted and cassette systems.

Our preferred Air Conditioning partner and supplier is Toshiba, who have a large base in Plymouth. This means we can get UK based stock and spares very quickly when required, which is all backed up by their 7 year warranty. We hold Toshiba’s top level of warranty.

The multiple systems have worked very well for the client, providing ample heating and cooling, particularly as Toshiba has some of the most energy efficient equipment available on the market. This was part of our clients key ethos to minimise any environmental impact.

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