Service Contracts - Peace of mind + Servicing!

We recommend customers have a quote for a service contract, this can be for catering, refrigeration or air conditioning, equally you may wish to combine them all!

We can provide you free of charge a service contract quote, which can cover your equipment Monday to Friday or 24/7, depending on your business requirements. 

This covers you for all call outs within you’re your contract hours as long as it is normal usage.

The contract also includes a major and minor service and if you have gas, the gas inspection too!  It gives our customers great peace of mind, and allows them to be able to better manage their cashflow

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Commercial Premises Gas Inspections

 Gas Inspections, commercial premises that use gas as a cooking fuel are required by law to have an annual Gas Inspection be it for a single appliance or a group of  appliances. 

Our qualified Gas engineers will attend your property and undertake the Gas Inspection at our normal hourly rates. If minor parts are required and we have them on our vans we can fit them there and then and issue your certificate. If more involved work is required be it less common parts, gas interlock or new canopy we can provide you with a quote that will bring your installation up so that you pass the gas inspection.

  It is always worth noting insurance companies are increasingly requiring sites to have to have and pass these inspections, and if the worse should happen depending on the type of incident and the insurance company ,failure to have passed a gas inspection could leave you with no insurance cover.

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Need more Fridge or Freezer space over Christmas?


It may be early October but we are already planning Christmas with some of our customers who require temporary additional fridge or freezer space for the festive period. 

This can range from small restaurants, and pubs, to large hotels who need to cope with Christmas parties.  So if you think you may need some extra space give our office team a call and they can provide you with a quote. 

Equally it may be time to upgrade your existing old cold room, we can assist with that also and provide you with a quote for a new fridge or freezer room, with options for very efficient refrigeration systems that will help save you money, whilst helping the environment at the same time.

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