Hotel Cold Room

A planned fitting of a cold room for a large hotel in the South West, is always better than an emergency one! We worked with our client to establish best time to undertake this project.

How we achieved this:

Once a date was pencilled in, we then all worked towards the smooth transition from the old room to get the new room operational. We have our own fleet of fridge/freezer trailers that we build ourselves. So part of our package was to provide the client with one of our trailers a few days before the work commenced to a phased movement of stock and method of operation for this busy hotel.

The removal of the old cold room commenced, before fitting the new room and refrigeration equipment.

The new energy efficient system not only gave the client far higher reliability, but also saved them money in running costs from reduced electric use.

Once the cold room had been up and running and we had confirmed there were no issues, we handed it back to the Hotel. From this they could do a phased restock from our trailer. We then at their convenience removed the trailer from site.

This over all package means be it planned or emergency we can take some of the worry and cost away from a project like this, and business can keep on trading as normal or near normal as possible.

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